Pneumatic Soft-sealing Butterfly Valve

Soft-sealing butterfly valve manufacturer and wholesaler. Our products are produced according to the ISO9001:2000 standards. There are more than 10 well educated and experienced technicians in our company to deal with OEM pneumatic soft-sealing butterfly valve services for our customers. Equipped with advanced facilities and high technology, now we are supplier of some famous enterprises such as the Parker Hannifin in the USA.

    1、Small and light, easy for installation and repair, and can be installation on any position.
    2、Simple structure, well-organized, prompt 90°turn round, open and close.
    3、Small operating torque, simple and light.
    4、Flow rate characteristic tend to straight, well regulate.
    5、Open and close test over 10,000 times, long life.
    6、Complete seal, no leakage during air testing.
    7、Choose different material as parts, fit for kinds of medium.
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