Pneumatic Plastic Butterfly Valve

   Plastic butterfly valve manufacturer and wholesaler. Our products are produced according to the ISO9001:2000 standards. There are more than 10 well educated and experienced technicians in our company to deal with OEM pneumatic plastic butterfly valve services for our customers. Equipped with advanced facilities and high technology

Low flow loss
• The opening angle of the disc could be seen clearly throumy the position indicator
• Fast/efficiemt operation for automatic control system in a limited piping space
• Pneumatic actuator specification meets with ISO 5211, VDI/VDE 3845, DIN 3337
• NAMUR, easy to assemble solenoid valve, limit switshes and accessories
• Pneumatic actuator max. air supply pressure 0.8MPa, min. air pressure 0.5MPa.
Pressure rating: 2"~10" 150 psi, 12" 100 psi, 14" 16" 86 psi, 18" 72 psi, 20"~24" 51 psi

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