Pneumatic Hard-sealing Butterfly Valve

Hard-sealing butterfly valve

     manufacturer and wholesaler. Our products are produced according to the ISO9001:2000 standards. There are more than 10 well educated and experienced technicians in our company to deal with OEM pneumatic hard-sealing butterfly valve services for our customers. Equipped with advanced facilities and high technology, now we are supplier of some famous enterprises such as the Parker Hannifin in the USA.

Because this butterfly valve adopt three-dimensional eccentric to design, make the movement track on facing space reach to idealization, and there are no attrition and on intervene between hermetical components, furthermore, the hermetical material has been selected reasonably, there by it ensure hermetic, 10 antisepsis, wearable capability of valve. The main characteristic as below:
1. Tiny moment for starting, flexible and convenient, save labor and energy.
2. Three-dimensional eccentric configuration forces disc close tighter, and reach to reliable hermetic capability and with no
3. High temperature resistant, high pressure resistant, long service life etc.

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