TAG SG127 SERIES Safety Pattern Case Pressure Gauge


GS100 SERIES is a premium design pressure gauge with fully stainless steel construction, liquid fillable and with various option used in extreme corrosive & severe environment. GS100 SERIES can be incorporate with most accessories such as Diaphragm Chemical seal, Siphon, Dampener, etc..to further extend it usages. Commonly, uses in Process industries, Mining, Power plants, Steel mills, Pulp & Paper, Water & Sewage, Petrochemical plants, etc..

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TAG SG127 SERIES Safety Pattern Case Pressure Gauge

Sanitary clamping fastening diaphragm seal
Standard ISO 2852, DIN 32676
Wide range hygienic process application
Double laser welding SS316L diaphragm
Sterilization and Cleaning in place
Non-toxic diaphragm filling
Process temp. -10℃…+130℃. depend on filling
Accessories capillary, cooling tower.. etc
Pressure range -1..0, 0..1 up to 40 bar
Conn. size DIN DN32..DN50, ISO 1 1/2″..2″

Over view :
Safety pattern case pressure gauge
Solid front (Baffle wall) with full blow out back
Accuracy class 0.5
Dial size 127 mm or 4?”
Pressure range 0..1, -1..+24 to 0..1000 bar
Bottom and lower back mounting
Conn. size G1/4, G1/2″A or NPT
Index protection IP65
Ambient/Working temp. -20?..+60?C/Max.+18
Design material :
Casing– Polypropylene
Wetted parts-Stainless steel
Window-Safety laminated glass

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